I’m originally from Boston, a city that will always have a place in my heart. I remember any time I was bored I would jump on the train and walk the legendary Freedom Trail, and always find 20 new things each time. The city was a boundless source of history, culture, and heartbreak.


I had a rather complicated and difficult childhood, to say the least. My parents were not stellar individuals, and I found myself homeless and in the ‘system’ at 13 years old. The next few years were even more difficult than living in my previously unpleasant home situation: bouncing around from group homes to residential schools (down the street from the Wahlberg family), to finally earning my ‘independence’ as an emancipated minor.


I haven’t been back to Boston since High School because there is nothing to go back to. I have always been very good at taking the best pieces of a bad situation and carrying them with me.

I tried my hand at baseball, but my shoulder wouldn’t hold up. I took off on a lark and joined the Navy when the first Gulf War was going on. I ended up coming back injured and honorably discharged. Clearly I was meant for a desk job.


I found most of my success in the Arts. While a dream come true for most, I have always resisted it because I have much more of a business mind. There was so much downtime in movies and music, I would go crazy with the idea of all the wasted opportunities.


I started in the movie business by being a middle-man introducing money people to producers in Hollywood. Later I got more involved in the business side by having a hand in distribution, packaging, and even doing ghost rewrites on films. I was involved with some of the biggest movies in the 90’s and 2000’s. After years of dealing with celebrities of all types, I opened my own celebrity talent management company and had a pretty eventful and successful run – before the stress of the job (being a dozen trouble-prone people’s “I am in trouble” call takes its toll) had me close the doors and move on.


Same goes for music. Sometimes I would be gung-ho, like when I sang and toured with a 15-piece big band for 2 years, but frankly got a little bored. I have had a few bands and musical cantations over the years, but have always had a hard time dedicating myself to just one thing. I started Music Spectator magazine that did well for 2 years, and then there was the mixed results of the 6-year project that was the Portland Music Awards – something I was incredibly proud of. But in both cases, the work involved to do both was far greater than the return.


My professional life has always been a balancing act of doing a dozen things at once just to keep me engaged and interested. Don’t get me wrong, I have had wild successes and made a lot of money. But I have also had some very public failures and disappointments. They can’t all be winners.

My life has allowed me to travel around the world more than once, meet some of the most incredible people, and experience things very few have. I’m grateful for the road that led from there to here, regardless of the bumps and struggles.


These days I spend my time writing movies and TV shows, and yes – singing with my new band Idle Poets, as well as dabbling in a few other business ventures here and there. In the summer you can find me playing baseball pretending I am not as old as I am, and my winters relishing all that is Christmas (my favorite season). This site is designed to be a portal for all of the various things I am involved in, so I thank you for checking in.